Managed Forex Trading Accounts – Singapore

Managed Forex Accounts in Singapore

When one or more professional traders manage your Forex account and trade for you, it is called a Managed Forex Account. The professional traders give you their service in exchange for a part of the profit they generate in your account. The Managed Forex account fees vary from 10 % of profit to 40% of profit share. The management fee is payable only when there is a profit in your account. If there is no profit, there are no fees. Although there are many Forex brokers in Singapore, there are just a few trustworthy  Managed Forex Account providers.

Why do retail investors choose to managed Forex trading accounts in Singapore? The retail Forex traders in Singapore choose managed Forex Accounts because of the difficulties involved in Forex trading. It requires personal involvement and expert knowledge level to be successful in Forex trading. Forex trading has the risk of losing your hard-earned money, so you can’t just leave it to luck to make money. The retail investors lack the required expertise and resources to trade successfully. Hence they look for a reliable account management service. Therefore, the concept of Managed Forex Trading Account comes into existence – where you can just invest and rely on the experts in the field with the proven track record to trade for you. You pay a small percent of your profit every month as an account management fee.

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Are the Managed Forex Accounts Reliable?

Well, it depends on the standard of the managed Forex trading service you are using. You must carefully verify the profit record and trading history of the managed Forex trading account provider. Since there is a possibility of a manipulated trading results, check them with a reliable 3rd party firm like MyFxbook or FxStat.

You can definitely rely on a Managed Forex Account provider in Singapore who has an average monthly profit of 20% or more for over two years. These results are verified by well known independent organizations like MyFxbook and FxStat. Hence you may trust this historical profit data. 

An average profit of 20% or more in Managed Forex Account in Singapore – sounds good, that’s right. World Markets offers an Artificial Intelligence-driven Managed Account that has a proven track record of giving more than 20% average return for the past 2 years. The managed account investment starts with a minimum deposit of $5,000.

Best Managed Forex Account Services in Singapore

The Forex managed accounts Singapore – These are one of the preferred investment services in the financial markets for the individual or retail investors. Earlier, the managed Forex trading used to be an exclusive service for banks and firms with large capital. Now a few professional Forex account managers have started accepting small investments from the retail investors. They serve investors around the world and offer their trading services. The retail investors can invest their capital in the risky Forex market using the managed account service and pay a part of the profit as fees. Hence the Forex managed accounts are going to be popular in the coming days.

ZuluTrade Forex Account Management Singapore

Zulutrade is the leading copy trading platform in the world with decades of Forex Copy trading service. It is one of the companies which started the concept of Forex Copy trading and Social trading.

Many investors with ZuluTrade lost their money due to improper account management and lack of patience to wait for their strategy to work. Keeping this in view, ZuluTrade has introduced Managed trading services along with its Copy Trading service for its clients.

ZuluTrade Managed Forex Accounts in Singapore –  The certified account managers of ZuluTrade manage your portfolio and ensure it gets the best traders to follow along with management. The ZuluTrade managed account service is called the Traders’ Combo and Combo Plus service.

ZuluTrade has the best expert traders listed on its copy trading platform. Its managed account helps you get the best trader to follow along with professional risk managements. You can choose your favorite Forex broker to invest with ZuluTrade Managed account in Singapore. The Traders’ Combo and ComboPlus Managed Forex Trading Services has made ZuluTrade among the most sought after managed account in the industry. It is preferred by traders in Singapore for Managed Forex trading accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Will I make any money with Managed Forex Trading Accounts?

Forex trading involves the risk of losing your capital. A majority of the new traders lose their capital. It is very difficult for retail Forex traders to understand and predict the Forex market with their limited understanding and knowledge of the Forex market. Hence, there is the requirement of a Managed Forex Trading Account in Singapore. The expert traders trade on behalf of you to generate profit.  And if you let such experienced fund managers trade for you, there are better chances to make a profit in your account. The success rate of retail traders is higher when they invest in a professionally managed Forex trading account.

Can I start Managed Forex trading in Singapore?

Yes, of course. As of now, you might have understood that Forex trading is full of risk and a complex area to master. Hence, you should go for some trusted managed Forex trading account in Singapore to earn the profit.

Is managed Forex trading better than trading yourself?

Yes, managed Forex trading in Singapore is better unless you are an expert trader. You must choose the right managed account service with verified track records. The account managers must have a consistent history of making a profit in their accounts. After thorough verification, it is advisable to invest in managed Forex trading in Singapore.

The Conclusion – Managed Forex Trading in Singapore

The past performance of the Managed Accounts is no guarantee of future results. Although there is a higher probability that you may make a profit, it is not guaranteed. Hence, you should consider the risks involved before investing in managed accounts. You should keep withdrawing your profit from time to time and let your account run on your profits.

If you are new in Forex trading and you are not aware of all aspects of it, then you should not trade yourself. It is advisable to allow professionals to trade for you. When the professional trader trades for you in the Forex managed Accounts, you lead a stress-free life. Some management firms have more than one account manager with a different trading approach so that the account makes a profit every month even if any particular trader has a bad trading month.