Online jobs Singapore :

Work on line in Singapore on binary trading systems with recommended technical analysis. You have an opportunity to make significant amount of money for yourself. It requires you to learn some basic chart interpretation skills and trading discipline. It has the potential of earning enough everyday , just by trading few hours in a day if traded succesfully.

The best reason that many are taking Binary options trading as a “Online jobs in Singapore”, because it gives you freedom to work for your self and you are your own boss. You need not work for any BOSS and there is no upper limit to your earnings in Binary Options. You can start this by investing just $100 . But at least $ 500 is recommended for a reasonable return on your investment and effort. As you are working for your own by investing a small amount starting from $100 to $1000, there is no chance of loosing huge amount of money. But if you don’t obey the trading rules, get greedy to become rich over night and trade with out discipline, you are going to lose your investment by making losses in trading. (After that you have no JOB). Hence, its very important that you must trade responsibly and with discipline. You must make yourself familiar with the high risks involved in binary options trading.

Some trade disciplines for Binary options in Singapore :

Binary options trading discipline :

  • Trade only when the charts and indicators you are referring, indicates you about a nice trading opportunity.
  • Never trade randomly. You may win a few times, but your account will get blown off soon by doing so.
  • I never recommend my readers to trade 30 seconds turbo binary, as no body can predict market movement consistently within such a small time frame.
  • Always trade with 1-5  minutes and above expiry.
  • Invest maximum of 5% of the total amount you have in your account in any single trade.

Binary options trading is a contract between the broker and the trader , where the trader predicts the price of an asset would be higher or lower at expiry time. If the trader / investor’s prediction is correct the brokers pay up to 92% return on the invested amount.

Example : Let us assume present price if EUR/USD is 1.06552 and the trader expects it would go up after 5 minutes (expiry time) and invests $100. If after 5 minutes the price is above 1.06552 , the broker pays out upto $192. If EURUSD price is below 1.06552 then the traders gets nothing, but loses $100.

Here, in binary options we know the amount being risked. We can predict future the price of any underlying asset with help of technical charts and indicators with pretty success. We can utilize news releases , economic data releases and place trades in our favor.

Some example of Technical Analysis,charts and Indicators :

1. Using Moving Averages :

  • Down load a free MT4 and install it on your computer. Set Moving Average 26 (Yellow), Moving Average 14 (Violet) and Moving Average 6 (Aqua) as shown in the screenshot. Set your chart for a 5 minutes candle chart.
  • When MA 14 and MA 6 are above Moving average 26 consider it as up trend and when they are below MA26 ,its down trend. We are here to trade always in the direction of trend.
  • When the price drops, it has a strong support at MA14 . So we place a CALL trade with 10 minutes expiry at this points.
  • As you can see the trade expired in our favor and we made 90% profit.
  • Please note that we have 5 minutes chart and traded with 10 minutes expiry.
  • Moving Average
  • MA Expiry

2. Using Bollinger Bands with Stochastic Oscillator :

  • Select Bollinger Bands and Stochastic Oscillator on a 1 Minute candle stick chart.
  • When you find candle touching upper side band AND Stochastic is above 80, its a time for reversal. Hence place a PUT trade there. See the attached screen shot.
  • When you find candle touching lower side band AND Stochastic is below 20, its a time for reversal. Hence place a CALL trade there with 5 minutes expiry. See the attached screen shot.
  • I win approximately 8 trades out of 10 , thus giving me a winning of 80%.
  • If At any time you want a personalized training on live market , you can contact us. We will train you during a live trading session.
  • Bollingerband Stochastic

We have guided many online job seekers on Binary options trading , and now they are making enough profits. We don’t guarantee you of any constant income through this website, but we have found people looking for “Online Jobs Singapore” found it a great substitute for any other online jobs offered  in Singapore.

My live account trading result is here . I made $316 by trading for just 30 minutes.

live trading result

NOTE: This article/material is not an investment advice.